The following images illustrate the different stages of a natural childbirth of a female Yorkshire Terrier.  The pictures have been taken from one of our females, and they don't come from any book or publication.
They are exclusively property of Shilhayork's Yorkies.


Mummy have just had her first babie

We can see she is very fatty yet

Let us see now how a childbirth is developed


After several contractions, the space between the anus and the vulva swells with the entrance of the puppy in the channel of birth
It begins to appear the bag with the amniotic liquid


Inside the bag, we can see one of the back legs of the puppy

The contractions follows and it goes appearing a little more of the puppy


We already have the middle of the body outside Just the head to go out, and if it takes a little in leaving, we will help the mother throwing carefully of the puppy, to avoid he can suffocate


Our puppy is already completely outside, but still he is wrapped inside the fetal membranes and together the placenta, and that in this case it has been expelled together with the puppy. We can let the mother break membranes and clean the puppy and cut the umbilical cord, but if we see that she doesn't know what to do, we will make it quickly ourselves to avoid an asphyxia. We will break up the membranes with the fingers and we will take out the puppy. We will put a finger into his mouth so that he breathes and expel the mucosities that are in the breathing roads.  With a tweezers we will press the umbilical cord and with the clip on it, we will cut it to 3 cm. of the stomach. We will rub the puppy with a dry towel to stimulate his breathing and to dry it a little. We will make all of this in front of his mother, so that she doesn't become nervous and we will leave that she give him some that another kisses while the operation finish. And since he is clean and awake, we will give him to his mother so that he begins to suckle as soon as possible.


You can see the tweezers pressing the umbilical cord


And here we already have our main star clean and with his cut umbilical cord.  Isn't it so cute?


Mummy lovely kiss her newly born babies