Some advices for new owners




                            ¡Congratulation!  You have just acquired an authentic specimen of Yorkshire Terrier.

                            So if the puppy is male or female, it will contribute a numberless of good things to your life,

                            like affection, company, friendship, amusement and loyalty.

                            For that reason, if you follow these few easy advices about its health, your small friend will always

                            be in satisfactory conditions.



                            If your puppy is accustomed to eat a specific prepared dog food, we suggest don't change it

                            inmediately to other different food.  If it's necessary, you should introduce the new one gradually

                            mixed with a little of the old one, until substituting it completely for the new food. 

                            Don't forget to place fresh water at its disposal.

                           ¡CARE! change drastically the feeding of the puppy can cause it serious stomach dysfunctions.


                BASIC CARES:

                            Your puppy will need an appropiate place to sleep.  We suggest a beautiful plush or cloth dog cradle

                             that they are very practical and easy to wash.  It will also have some special toys for dogs, as rubber

                            puppets, balls, hoops. etc.

                            ¡CARE!  toys of soft latex and wicker cradles and travel kennels are very dangerous for it, because

                            it will want to bite them and to swallow the pieces, what can originate it a intestinal perforation.   

                            During the period of vaccination you should avoid that the puppy walks down the street and also on 

                            the vet consulting floor.  Always take it in your arms or inside its confortable travel kennel.

                             Neither it should take a bath until it finishes its vaccinating.  You should avoid to put it in air draft.



                            For its daily toilet, it will need a pin brush, a wide and fine teeh comb, tiny elastic bands and a 

                            conditioner or anti-tangle spray.  You should not use a slicker brush to brushed it, because it can  

                            breaks its hair and it never would have it long.

                            While it is a puppy, it will be enough a light daily brushed to maintain it in good conditions.

                            When it has its hair longer, you should picked-up a top-knot in its head with an elastic band, that

                             will avoid it has the hair inside the eyes, because it can cause it a conjunctivitis.

                            At the bath time, you should keep in mind that is preferable to spend some money in an appropiate

                            shampoo than to spend much more money in treating possible skin problems because a non 

                            appropiated shampoo for it.

                            For this breed is good the lanolin or proteins shampoo.  We recommend to use after shampooing

                            a good anti-tangle cream conditioner.  The puppy should be always dry off with a dryer, brushing

                            at same time until it is totally dry.

                            If your puppy is specifically for exhibition, talk about with its breeder.  He will inform you detailedly

                            on the procedure to continue for care of hair.


                  GENERAL INFORMATION:

                            Puppies may have their ears fallen until 6 month, because they lose a lot of calcium during the teething.

                            We recommend you maintain always well shaved the tips of their ears.

                           ¡CARE!  cartilages of the ears are very fragiles in the puppies and they can be damaged with easiness

                            if they play violently with other dogs or children.  If this happen, your puppy would never lift the ears.

                            If your puppy has not still finished its vaccinating, let it to adapt to its new home at least during one

                            week before inoculate it the next vaccine.

                            ¡CARE!  vaccinate a sick or stressed puppy can finish quickly with its life.

                            Check that your vet make it a complete revision before inoculating it.

                                   If you follow these simple advices, you will always have your little friend healthy and happy.

                            Don't forget that we wish you the best, take care with it like we would make it.






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